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Blue Eyes

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This tutorial is written by Estela Fonseca the © is from her.
It is not allowed to copy, link and / or place these or parts of it without her permission.
The © ️ of the materials wich are used is for the rightful owner.

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We have permission to translate Estela Fonseca’s tutorials into English.
Thank you Estela for the permission to translate your tutorials.

Temos permissão para traduzir os tutoriais da Estela Fonseca para o inglês.
Obrigado Estela pela tradução dos tutriais.

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Materials Used:

Place the selections in your PSP Selections folder
Open the other material in PSP/Duplicate with Shift+D/Close the originals/Minimize masks

Plugins Used: – Dot and Cross
Unplugged Shapes – Rotocub
AP Lines – Lines SilverLining

The translation was made with PSP 2020 , but can also be done with other versions.
Note : When working with your own colors , play with the Blend Mode and/or Opacity at your own discretion

Materials Palette – Foreground color #006ca6 / Background color #ffffff

Open a new transparent image 800 x 550 pixels.
Fill with the foreground color

Effects – Filters – Dot and Cross Default

Layers – New Raster Layer
Fill with the background color
Layers – New Mask Layer – From Image: Mask-ef5-mask

Layers – Merge – Merge Group
Layers – Merge – Merge Visible

Effects – Filter – Unplugged Shapes – Rotocube

Selections – Load/Save Selection – Load Selection from Disk:EF_Sel_BlueEyes_1

Fill with the foreground color

Effects – Filter AP Lines – Lines Silverlining/Horizontal

Selections – Hold

Open the tube Mary 0712-48 – Copy – Paste as new layer
Image – Resize – Resize by 65% ​​- All layers unchecked
Selections – Invert
Press Delete on the keyboard
Selections – Select none
Layers – merge – merge down.

Open the tube EF_Blue_Eyes_Deco_1 – Copy – Paste as new layer
Effects – 3D Effects – Drop Shadow /1/1/85/5/#3971b4

Open the tube EF_Blue_Eyes_Texto – Copy – Paste as new layer
Place the text on the border
Effects – 3D Effects – Drop Shadow/1/1/100/1/# ffffff

Image – Add Borders – Symmetric
1 pixel color #006ca6
1 pixel color #c6d9e8
1 pixel color #006ca6
30 pixels color #ffffff
1 pixel color #006ca6
1 pixel color #c6d9e8
1 pixel color #006ca6

Selections – Load/Save Selection – Load Selection from Disk: EF_Sel_Blue_Eyes_2

Selections – Modify – Contract 2 pixels
Selections – Layer selection
Selections – Select none

Image – Resize – Resize 1 time with 30% and 1 time with 95% – All layers unchecked
Adjustment – Sharpness – Sharpen
Place it in the top left corner

Layers – Duplicate
Slide a little further down

Layers – merge – merge down

Layers – Duplicate
Place in the lower right corner
Layers – merge – merge down
Effects – 3D Effects – Drop Shadow/1/1/100/1/#006ca6


Sign your work
Layerds – Merge – Merge All
Save as Jpeg

The translation has been tested by Marianne.
Marianne thank you very much
© Translation DesignPSP KeetjeDesign 23-06-2021

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